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Everything starts with a thorough research and discovery phase
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Research and Discovery Phase

Everything starts with a thorough research and discovery phase. It is at this point that our branding experts will analyze market trends, evaluate the competitors, and immerse ourselves in your brand.

Unfortunately, many branding and web development companies rush through the discovery process, leaving unanswered questions and not truly capturing what makes a business so unique. At Zooliad in Swanzey, NH, we believe that this stage is invaluable and cannot be rushed to give our clients the spectacular results they deserve. We understand that we must get to know your business, your customers, your goals, and your competition in order to ensure your brand connects with your audience.

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The Discovery Phase

During the initial phase of your project, you’ll talk with our team to share insights into your industry and business. This interactive discovery process will involve key members of your team in collaboration. Together, we’ll strategize and discover the potential of your brand. Through these meetings, we’ll develop a thorough understanding of the your business’ history, its challenges, your competition, your opportunities, and all of the things that make you unique.

We also believe that it’s crucial to listen to your target audience because they’re the people you want to influence. Who will use your products or services? What do they expect or require? What features does your website require? Where are the best places to reach your audience? Their perspective is incredibly important, so we’ll do comprehensive research to learn the needs of your audience and what it is they are looking for from you.

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Just as the discovery phase is important for developing your brand, it’s also crucial for developing and designing a successful website. We’ll ask you many questions to understand your needs in your site including its purpose, your goals for the website, your target audience, and the type of content you’ll provide.

We will use all of the information collected during this discovery phase to create a strategic plan and position your brand for success.

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