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Free logo design software and websites are all the rage lately. It is easy to see the appeal; why pay someone to design a logo for your business when you can do it yourself and pay nothing?


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Unfortunately, the phrase "you get what you pay for" has a great deal of bearing here. Your logo will come to represent your business more than anything else. It is how your customers will recognize and remember you. It will tell potential customers who you are and what you do. A sub-par or poorly designed logo won’t make an impact on your target audience. It won’t capture their attention or interest, and it won’t communicate what makes your business so unique.

Even a cheap logo design service will only yield a very basic design that probably resembles many other companies that you’re competing against. Do you really want to be cheap when it comes to the very identity of your business?

At Zooliad in Swanzey, NH, we excel at custom logo design that truly sends a message. If you’re ready to build your brand, improve your credibility in a highly competitive environment, and create a long-term impression with customer recognition, our design experts are standing by.

Logo Design Swanzey, NH

What Makes a Great Logo?

Every day, we’re confronted with thousands of logos. We may not pay much attention to this fact, but companies know that a logo is shorthand. It is a visual story of the values and personality of the brand. You have just seconds to impart your story on your audience which means your logo needs to make an impact and stand out from the thousands of others.

A great deal goes into designing a logo that represents your company including color, font, style, symbolism, and clarity. The following are important characteristics that we imbue in every logo we design:

  • Uniqueness. Your logo needs to stand out among a slew of others that are all competing for attention. To accomplish this, we stay away from overdone icons like globes.
  • Adaptability. A strong logo will translate well as your brand grows. It should have the same meaning on letterhead and business cards as it does in print advertising and billboards. It should reproduce well in black and white or color, and be able to shrink without losing detail and clarity.
  • Appropriate to your brand. This requires market research and much more. Even the color will determine whether the logo is appropriate, as different colors evoke different emotions and meanings.
  • Concept or meaning that communicates a message.

Our Logo Design Process

Our logo designers will sit down with you to discuss your business including the personality, tone, and goals of your business. We believe that it’s very important to know who you are and what you stand for before we design a logo that will represent your business. We’ll get to know you through a questionnaire or interview to get a design brief.

From there, we’ll conduct research on your industry including its history and who you are up against. We’ll identify challenges and what your target audience is looking for.

Next, we will begin to develop your logo design concept around the research and information we have collected. This creative process often involves putting ideas down on paper at first to allow an idea to evolve. We then revise and improve the logo and present you with the proof.

We will present you with the best logo designs from your input. Maybe you’ll like one of the designs right away or maybe you’ll feel that something is still missing or it’s not quite there yet. If so, we’ll get back to work and continue improving the design until we have hit on your logo.

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Custom Logo Design Swanzey, NH

Your Business is Unique and Your Logo Should Be, Too!

Zooliad in Swanzey, NH believes in a personalized approach to every project. You need a logo that is timeless, eye-catching, and meaningful -- not an overdone icon that you share with hundreds of other companies. Your logo will be the face of your business and we have the creativity and skill to make sure your logo really represents who you are.

If you’re ready to establish your brand and develop trust and brand recognition, turn to the logo design experts at Zooliad today!

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