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The Right Keywords Make all the Difference
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SEO services in Swanzey, NH

Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword research analysis is a critical survival tool in today’s global marketplace. For your SEO campaign to work, in-depth keyword analysis must be the first step. At Zooliad in Swanzey, NH, our experienced team will do the research for you and choose the best search phrases or keywords to use in your campaign in order to reach new customers in Swanzey, NH. Keyword analysis engages prospects by using keywords as part of a complete search engine optimization process.

Our keyword research service will:

  • Research possible sets of words including those used by prospects and current customers
  • Focus on all major keywords and use them for PPC and SEO purposes
  • Research contextual words including geo-targeting
  • Provide insight to your client’s target market in Swanzey, NH
  • Explore terms based on competition
  • Determine the effectiveness of keywords and phrases

The Right Keywords Make a Difference

You have a great website with a great service or product, however, this will not get you anywhere if you do not have visibility. You’ll never get a good return on your investment without ranking well on search engines.  All too often, website owners spend money with so-called expert SEO companies only to get nowhere. If you’re spending too much time and money for too little in return, the problem may be your choice of keywords.

Whether you’re dealing with too little traffic or low conversion rates, Zooliad in Swanzey, NH will help you find the right mix of keyword phrases to reach your target audience effectively.

The right keywords make all the difference in getting your website noticed!

Longtail keyword research in Swanzey, NH
Keyword research services in Swanzey, NH

What is Long Tail Keyword Research and How Can I Use It Effectively?

Long tail keywords are specific keywords that are longer and string out like a phrase, but not commonly used individually as typical keywords. When you add them up, they account for most of the search-drive traffic on the web.

Long tail keywords are not the same as head terms which are the more popular or heavily searched terms. For example, a head term is “hamster cages,” but a long tail keyword may be “dwarf Campbell Russian hamster cages” or “Syrian hamster cages.”

Most people new to searching for keywords often focus on the head terms when beginning to optimize their sites or when creating early PPC or pay-per-click SEO campaigns. Focusing on head terms may seem like a good idea initially, but this can be a vital mistake because long tail keywords can offer a much higher return on investment and they are not as competitive to rank for organically. This means that you will pay less to bid on long tail words in a PPC campaign.

People that use long-tail keywords are often much more qualified as buyers and hence, are more likely to convert as paying customers.

Keyword research in Swanzey, NH

Finding Sources of Long Tail Keywords

Zooliad in Swanzey, NH researches appropriate long tail keywords for you, so that your site is optimized within the business niche that you serve. Most typically, keyword search tools that business owners use do not deliver in terms of business operations. Many provide limited lists for business marketers, and oftentimes, these lists contain popular keywords. Zooliad in Swanzey, NH will provide the following:

  • Mine for expert long tail keywords for your website
  • Conduct word streaming for grouping long tail keywords
  • Evaluate keywords with AdWords Grader for optimal results
  • Make the most of your paid search campaigns by using long tail keywords rather than searching for generic head words, so you pay less and reap a higher return on your investment
  • Ensure that your website is personalized, provides proprietary information, and yields highly accurate results

The information provided by Zooliad’s keyword marketers is also up-to-date, constantly shifting and adapting to the changing needs in the market. This means that you are always keeping ahead of the latest in technology, so that your website is leveraged for high-performance in the world of search engine marketing.

Keyword research in Swanzey, NH

Keyword Research Services from Zooliad in Swanzey, NH

Keyword research is a time-consuming process. To find the most effective keywords for your website, we’ll compile a list of effective keywords in categories that include:

  • Comparison-based keywords (Apple vs Android)
  • Generic keywords (cell phone)
  • Product and brand-specific keywords (iPhone, Apple phone)
  • Location keywords (cell phone in Los Angeles)
  • Call to action keywords (cell phone)

It’s not enough to simply add a few popular keywords and hope for the best. Today, you need to work with the best in order to reap the highest return on investment. Effective keyword research will bring you long-term revenue. Count on the pros at Zooliad to choose the right keywords to ensure you will see a high number of visitors that convert. Let Zooliad’s team of professionals in Swanzey, NH work hard for you, so that you don’t have to. Your rankings will make or break your business.  Are you ready to get ahead?

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