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The in-depth discovery phase leads us to planning
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Planning Your Website in North Swanzey, NH

The in-depth discovery phase leads us to planning. The foundation of any successful campaign is to have a strategic plan. We work with our clients to create a plan of attack and set benchmarks to track results. We use our research and knowledge to develop a customized strategy for your business which involves a substantial amount of collaboration to create a strategic branding brief.  This brief outlines your target audiences and their motivations, your unique selling proposition and support for this position, tone, and any other data that’s important to develop your brand.

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Branding Design

Our plan for your business will include the development of objectives, branding strategy, messaging, and standards. We’ll continue to meet with you during this stage to keep you up to date.

Your brand messaging will usually include the following key components:

  • Brand name and tagline which is a short, external identifier
  • Brand position which is a brief definition of your position in the market including a value/price/quality strategy and why customers choose you
  • Key messages or specific talking points that discuss who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why your audience should care
  • Communication standards or how you should be represented in PR, marketing, and other communications
  • Visual brand analysis or the story behind your logo, typography, colors, and how they should be used
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The Planning Stage

When it comes to your website development, the planning stage is equally important. This will set the stage for everything to come and it requires in-depth analysis of your goals, your target audience, feature requests, and all other relevant information. During the planning stage for your website, we’ll develop a site map that lists the main topic and sub topic areas that serve as a guide to what will be on the website in order to develop consistent and intuitive navigation.

In the next phase, we begin to design your logo, tagline, color palette, messaging, marketing strategies, and all other creative elements that will set you apart. In the design phase, all of this hard work will start to come together.

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