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Email Marketing Campaigns in North Swanzey, NH

Email Campaign North Swanzey, NH

While some business owners are always chasing the latest fad, savvy business owners know that tried-and-true marketing strategies still have an important place in their overall business strategy. Social media marketing gets a lot of attention today, and while it can be an effective strategy, it’s really part of the bigger picture.

Email marketing is a powerful tool on its own, however, it’s even better when it’s integrated with your other strategies including a social media and mobile presence. It gives you a direct line to your target audience to boost your conversion rate, and it’s incredibly cost effective, giving an average return on investment of almost 4,300%!

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Email campaigns have many uses depending on the needs of your business and we can help with:

  • Email promotions to make a seductive offer to your prospects
  • Drip email campaigns to deliver emails at the most strategic time
  • Triggered campaigns that engage customers based on what they’ve been viewing online
  • Shopping cart abandonment emails. You lose almost 60% of sales every day when customers abandon their carts. Let us turn that around with reminder emails.
  • Reengagement campaigns to recapture the interest of past customers who have been inactive

Turn to Zooliad in North Swanzey, NH to unlock this powerful tool and put it to work for your business. We do everything from designing newsletters, to writing copy and giving you comprehensive reporting to maximize your own ROI.


Beautifully Designed Newsletters

A great deal of work goes into crafting emails that get noticed. If your emails are clunky, unattractive, or seem to be standard drag-and-drop templates, it doesn’t reflect well on your business nor does it make recipients likely to follow through.

Zooliad designs
Zooliad designs emails that are:


Integrated with
your brand

Email Marketing Campaigns North Swanzey, NH

Crafting an Effective Email

We’ll help you through every step of the way to communicate the right message for your brand. Your emails will be appealing, integrated with your brand, aesthetically pleasing, and convey the right message to grab your audience. We’ll make sure your email templates are coded to display perfectly on every device and browser, and even code emails to adapt to the layout of the device. Your message will be tailored to your audience in order to keep your email conversion rate high.


Content that Converts Prospects into Clients

Effective email marketing in North Swanzey, NH has many components. One of the most important factors that determine success is the content itself. No one enjoys receiving spam, annoying sales pitches, or emails that are simply a waste of time. Great marketing means giving your audience something valuable that they want to receive, which goes a long way towards establishing trust.

Great email content will also help you build your relationship with your customers. It all begins with a catchy and effective subject that makes sure your emails are actually opened and read. This means a strong voice backed by quality content.

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We handle newsletter copy that includes all essential elements of a successful campaign such as:

  • Short, compelling subjects
  • Preview panes with a call to action and your offer
  • Email body that builds up your offer
  • The closing to sum up what you are giving your audience
  • Copy that is integrated with the design of your email

Complete Email Marketing Services in North Swanzey, NH

Zooliad in North Swanzey, NH handles email marketing from start to finish. We know just how valuable your time is. Your time is better spent in growing your business and not working on mundane tasks and the hours it takes to build, manage, and track a marketing campaign. Zooliad is a one-stop marketing company that gets your email campaign ready from the ground up. We offer:

Email Marketing Tracking North Swanzey, NH
  • Email delivery management to make sure your emails actually get delivered to the inboxes and not spam folders
  • Attractive newsletter design
  • Customer management
  • Tracking and reporting. Our regular reports give you everything you need to know at your fingertips. With email open rates, click-through rates and more, you’ll know whether your campaign is a success
  • Dedicated email server
  • Effective newsletter copywriting
  • Quality control to make sure every component of your emails and landing pages work as they should
  • Scheduling and sending. Your emails are sent at the most strategic time when your prospects are the most likely to buy

Over the course of your campaign, we’ll make adjustments to keep it on track and ensure you’re meeting your goals and generating the highest number of leads and customers.

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Get Your Email Campaign Started Today

Email is personal and email marketing should be as well. Trust in Zooliad to send the kind of emails that won’t be ignored! Get your readers’ attention with attractive emails that meet their needs and turn them into loyal, paying customers. Contact us in North Swanzey, NH today, so our digital marketing experts can get started on your campaign!

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