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We believe in a user-centered approach.
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You want to reach customers online and make it easier for customers to find you. We’re here to help. As a premier web design agency, Zooliad in North Swanzey, NH has a team of expert web designers and developers who are passionate and committed to delivering the best solutions for your needs.

Your website must serve many needs. It must be professional and well-designed, but also intuitive to make it easy for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. Your website must deliver on the promise you make to your customers while also highlighting what makes your business different from all of the others. It also needs to be accessible and easy to use, whether your visitors are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We believe in a user-centered approach. Our team begins by learning more about your target audience -- or the people who will be visiting your website -- to make it the best it can be. Once we understand your customers, we can enter the design phase.


What Goes into Great Web Design?

Sure, a great website is visually appealing, but there is much more that goes into web design. A design that considers beauty first will not consider the user experience, and thus not meet its primary purpose. Your visitors have specific needs when they visit your website, and it needs to deliver.

When your clients visit your website, they’re not looking for a beautiful design -- they want a product or service. Great web design highlights what you have to offer and drives people to buy, call, email or visit your store.


Web Design Company North Swanzey, NH
Business Web Design North Swanzey, NH

A website must also be functional and intuitive. You have mere seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. If they don’t immediately see how to navigate your website, or they don’t find what they want, they will go elsewhere.

A great site also incorporates basic design principles:

  • Balance of heavy and light elements
  • Contrast in size, texture and shape to define and draw attention to certain areas of your website
  • Emphasis to highlight important elements, which are the sections that most visitors will be looking for or where you will make money
  • Consistency and branding
  • Unity between the various elements of the website layout
Web Design North Swanzey, NH

Responsive Web Design

At Zooliad in North Swanzey, NH, our websites are responsive, which means they respond to their environment. Why is this important? Because every day, the number of devices, browsers and platforms used continues to grow, and your website needs to be accessible on every one of them. Gone are the days when a different version of a website was created for smartphones and specific devices. With responsive web design, a single site works for every screen, adapting to the new width and height to display content. Responsive design is not just a fad; it’s now becoming standard practice if you want your business to stay ahead.

Rather than designing your website based on an arbitrary percentage value or pixels, a fluid grid design can be carefully designed in terms of proportion. When the layout is squeezed onto a tiny smartphone or tablet, or stretched across a very large screen, the elements of the web design resize their widths in relation to one another.

Web Design and Development North Swanzey, NH

Web Development

Web design and development go hand in hand. Web development involves taking the design that has been created and building a fully functional website. Think of the design as a non-interactive picture of the site. Our web developers then take that design and break it into components to build up the foundation of your site.

Web development is the coding that holds your website together, strengthening your web design for fast, error-free loading and a flexible structure that can grow with your business. Our talented team of web developers can help your brand grow online through WordPress or Drupal custom web development. If you’re frustrated with the limitations of a packaged e-commerce or WordPress solution, our custom development will deliver what you need.

Web Design and Development North Swanzey, NH

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Zooliad in North Swanzey, NH creates custom business web design suited to meet your needs as well as the needs of your customers. We’ll conduct market research before designing your new website and do everything it takes to deliver results that are stunning yet highly functional to help your bottom line. To get started, fill out our contact form and our team of dedicated web designers will get started on your project today!

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